Workplaces Urged To Develop A Policy For Legalized Marijuana

The question of marijuana in the workplace has been addressed at an event hosted by the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit.

Several speakers handled different aspects of managing the impact of legalization.

Melissa Valentik is a Health Promotion Specialist at the health unit. She says employers need to be prepared for a time when recreational marijuana is legalized.

"Any substance that you're using is going to have the possibility of affecting your ability to work, so I think whether it's cannabis or whatever it is you need to make sure you have policies and procedures in place so you know how to address it if it becomes an issue of safety or risk in your workplace," says Valentik.


Health Promotion Specialist, WECHU, Melissa Valentik, June 13, 2018 (by AM800's Peter Langille)

Pat Copus is a medical marijuana user who attended the luncheon to gather input. "The companies need to be protected against the people that are using it recreationally and saying, well it's legal," says Copus. "Well alcohol is legal but you can't go in the trunk of your car and have a beer or shot of whiskey on your lunch hour.  So I think they have to have policies in place."

Another speaker from an occupational testing company made it clear marijuana is not like alcohol and companies need to have a proper policy to address that fact.