The Morning X w/ Mark & Chris


Mark was born and raised in Windsor and has been with 89X since 2007. Mark is a foodie and concert junkie, loves trying new fad diets (even though he never sticks to them) and loves hanging out with his son and wife.

Chris is a laid back music and sports lover who likes to smoke blunts and drink red wine. Chris has an opinion on pretty much everything... even if it is wrong 99% of the time. Check out the Podcast by searching 89XMorningX in your favorite podcasting app.


  • Morning X Podcast - 08/19/19

    Morning X Podcast for August 17 2019

    -Birthday Bash Recap

    -The step mullet

    -Lions a little better in their second preseason game

    -Couple fakes pregnancy/birth/death of child

    -Woman torches guys home after booty call gone wrong

    -Airport worker fired over giving note to a guy that said 'you ugly'

    -Jimmy Kimmel the Mayor of Dildo

    -Monday Morning Munchies

    -Standstills guitars stolen

    -SMALL 'condos' in New York

    -Nearly half of us don't change our underwear

    -People who use emoji's have more sex


  • The Standstills On The Morning X!

    Johnny from The Standstills joins the show ahead of the big Birthday Bash tomorrow night. Yes, his liver is ready!

  • Morning X Podcast - 08/16/19

    Morning X Podcast for August 16th 2019

    -Mark has become a 'Diva' over his Birthday Bash

    -Watching Friends for 25hrs as your job

    -Tigers can't win 2 in a row

    -Woman in Thailand 'falls' on cucumber

    -Guy cuts down brothers tree over argument

    -Mark strikes out on Olive Garden Pasta Pass

    -Guy dies in SLipknot mosh pit

    -What The Google!

    -'Movie Madness' for A Day To Remember tickets

    -Trump wants to buy Greenland

    -Johnny from The Standstills joins the show ahead of tomorrow's Birthday Bash

  • Morning X Podcast - 08/15/19

    Morning X Podcast for August 15th 2019

    -Mark trying for Olive Garden for life later

    -Chris told be legal he can't sell Bday Bash tickets online

    -Driver playing Pokemon on 8 phones

    -Weight Watchers Child App

    -Woman reports car stolen while driving it

    -New Four Loko piked seltzer

    -Guy gets whole Delta plane to himself

    -Area 51 raid now a music festival

    -'Morning Rewind' for A Day To Remember Tickets

    -Girl tweets from fridge

    -Dan from Royal Tusk joins the show to talk about Saturday's Birthday Bash