• Sushi Party

    Ain't no party like a sushi party because sushi is always a party. Sure, these videos make everything look so simple but on the other hand, it makes me hungry for sushi.
  • Optical Makeup

    Make up + optical illusions = this. I think my favorite one is the multiple eye one, so freaky! Which one's your favorite?
  • Blue Cat Statue Sculpting

    This is one of those things where you don't see where it's going until the project is half-done. I thought he was making an alien.
  • Dog Hiker

    These two are proving once again that dogs are humanity's best friends. They were in a bad place but they got out of it through each other. So inspiring!
  • Turkey hunting gone wrong

    Who knew turkey hunting could be that dangerous? These two men learned that lesson as they got shot by someone hunting in a field behind them. Always be careful when using guns! (shooting starts after the 2:00 mark)
  • A great Bill O'Reilly moment [WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT]

    Bill O'Reilly just got fired from Fox News for sexual harassment. For some, he was a hero, for others he was the face of an evil network for more than 20 years. One thing for sure though, Mr. O'Reilly had quite a temper! [WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT]
  • The truth about the Juicero Press?

    This is a very interesting video put online by Bloomberg. It shows that a $400 Juicero Press is not required to prepare the Juicero pouches. Instead, simply squeeze the pouches and you'll get the same result.
  • X-rated soundtrack for a tennis match

    A couple having sex can be heard during a tennis match and the players' reaction is priceless. The commentator, on the other hand, just can't believe what is going on!
  • RATM and toys

    Rage Against the Machine was (still is?) a solid rock band that gave us some amazing hits such as Killing In the Name. Check what happens when this song is played with toy instruments.
  • Japanese coffee machine

    This super cool Japanese coffee machine takes you on a journey every time you order your favourite cup. Cameras inside the machine show you exactly what is going on while you wait.
  • South Park Food

    Remember Chef's famous Chocolate Salty Balls? South Park has given us a whole lot of strange stuff throughout the years, but who would have thought that some good recipes could come out of that crazy show?
  • Bubble popping raccoons

    You want to know what pure happiness looks like? Check out these two raccoons as they have a blast popping bubbles. Pure bliss.
  • Legal drinking age or not?

    These bartenders try to guess who's 21 and who's not. Could you tell just by looking at these people?
  • How Google Earth is produced

    With the release of the brand-new version of Google Earth, it is quite fascinating to learn more about the creation process of such an app.
  • Unhappy customer at Popeyes

    This man is very unsatisfied with the service he got at a restaurant and decides to take matters into in own hands. Watch as he casually walks into the kitchen to fix his order. WARNING: Explicit langage.
  • A Saskatchewan Beaver herds cattle

    "Guys, seriously, I'm just taking a little walk here, no need to follow me around!" "Come on now, leave me alone!"
  • The New Zealand All Blacks are crushing everyone in their path

    The All Blacks take on Tokyo and spare no one. Some people learn the hard way not to mess with the world-famous New Zealand rugby team. Watch and see the reasons behind that carnage.
  • Kid drops massive F-bomb at Celtics game

    We all know the agony of defeat, but this kid will learn something else: try not to swear on TV. We can only hope that his parents will not see this on SportsCenter! (Do we really have to mention that this video contains a bad word?)
  • The Man Who Sold The World played on a gayageum

    We had to Google to learn more about this Korean instrument called a gayageum, but it doesn't take a musical genius to recognize how talented this lady really is. Just listen to her fantastic rendition of Bowie's The Man Who Sold the World.
  • Tottenham super special security

    This man really takes his job seriously. You better not try to conceal anything because HE WILL frisk you. Then again, maybe not.