3 Toronto cops found not guilty of sexual assault

3 cops found not guilty of sexual assault




Three Toronto police officers have been found not guilty of sexually assaulting a female colleague after a night of partying and drinking.

Leslie Nyznik, Joshua Cabero and Sameer Kara had pleaded not guilty in connection with the alleged incident on Jan. 17, 2015.

Nyznik, the only accused to testify, told court it was the female colleague's idea to return to a hotel room rented out by two of the accused where she instigated sex with all three men.


Toronto police officers sex assault trial

Toronto police officers Joshua Cabero, left, Sameer Kara, centre, and Leslie Nyznik, right, are charged with sexually assaulting a female colleague.

The woman -- a parking enforcement officer whose identity is protected by a publication ban -- had testified she had several drinks during the course of the night and felt powerless and unable to move or speak when the three men had sex with her against her wishes.

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