Flood Watch

A flood watch was issued by Kawartha Conservation on March 15, 2019 at 9am and will be in effect until March 19, 2019 for the area of Kawartha Lakes.  

Over the past 24 hours, a series of rain showers and thunderstorms travelled through Southern Ontario, including the Kawartha Lakes, resulting in a recorded 5 to 15 mm of precipitation. Air temperature has reached as high as 10 degrees Celsius, creating conditions for snowmelt.

Precipitation, combined with snowmelt and frozen ground conditions, are resulting in significant runoff. Water levels in local rivers and streams are currently rapidly increasing or peaking and exceeding their bankfull conditions in multiple locations.  

Flooding in low lying areas, areas adjacent to streams and road ditches has been observed. Surface water roads flooding may occur. Ponding of water on urban surfaces may occur as storm sewer systems can become overwhelmed by high runoff or clogged with snow, ice and debris. Rapid deterioration of the ice cover on local rivers and streams has been observed. 

Kawartha Conservation and the municipality of Kawartha Lakes are warning all residents to stay away from all water bodies, as well as water structures such as bridges, culverts and dams. Riverbanks are slippery and unsafe; ice cover where it exists is unstable and hazardous. Children should be warned of dangerous conditions and caregivers should maintain a close watch on children who are outside.

As precipitation moves out of the region later today and air temperature returns back to below the freezing mark, it is expected that water levels will stabilize and start declining.   

For assistance in the event of a flood, please call the municipality of Kawartha Lakes at 705-324-9411.