Good Samaritans

Kawartha Lakes Paramedics are looking for good samaritans that helped with an emergency in Cambray, so they can be thanked.

Paramedics responded to a call regarding an elderly man who had collapsed at the intersection of Cambray and Elm Tree Street in Cambray last week. 

When the Paramedics arrived, they were welcomed by a crowd of residents who had started CPR on the senior. 

The residents continued CPR while being instructed by the Paramedics, who were setting up the defibrillator and they assisted after the Paramedics took over, doing everything from ripping tape, picking up the garbage on the ground and carrying the paramedic's bags.

Just as the ambulance departed for the hospital, paramedics announced they had got a pulse from the senior. 

If you were one of the residents who helped this man, or if you know someone who was there, please contact