Voting Data

Data from the last months municipal election shows voting turnout was comparable to the last election in 2014.

Despite the change in number of Councillors, new ward boundaries and an electronic voting platform, which had it's challenges on the last evening of votine,  38 percent of eligible voters marked their ballots - slightly higher than the provincial average.

The City says seasonal residents represent 20% of all eligible voters in the Kawartha Lakes and only 20% of them voted compared to 42% of full time residents.

78 percent of the voting was done online compared to 16 percent of telephone voting and 6 percent voted in person at a Municipal Service Centre or library.

Seniors had the highest voter turnout while only 22 percent of eligible voters aged 18-29 voted.

The busiest voting day was October 22, the original Election Day.

City Clerk Cathie Ritches says the technical issue with the voting system, despite having a negative impact on candidates and some voters, may have had a silver lining as voters were given an extra 24 hours, ensuring everyone had an opportunity to vote.
Additional statistics on the election are available at on the City's website.