Diana Meder

Let me start by saying I hate these things. Encapsulate your life in 75 words or less..and try to make it interesting and funny please. Sure. No problem. I love my garden. I love my dog and two cats. I live for Coronation Street. Despite having experienced a life-changing weight loss recently…I LOVE FOOD. I love my house and my street and my community. The guy I get to share all this with isn’t half bad either (that would be the other half of the Bob & Diana morning show). But mostly I love my job….so much so…I don’t really even consider it a “job” as such. It’s where I get to go every morning (albeit 4am!) to have a laugh or two. If, on the way, someone is informed about something they didn’t know before…that’s just gravy………………did someone say ‘gravy’? (BTW that’s 145 words…sorry)