Bruce partners with Saugeen First Nation

Bruce County has formed a partnership with Saugeen First nation to advance foundational hydrogen infrastructure.  

In a release issued March 7th, county officials say the community  has been at the forefront of energy innovation for decades and has substantial clean energy resources.

The region’s economy, location, readiness to build and willing partners makes the area primed and ready to advance next generation technologies. 

“Working with Bruce County on clean energy initiatives in our territorial lands, supports renewable energy options that are carbon free while developing next generation skills growth and job creation across multiple industries like transportation, heating and agriculture. This is something we are proud to support and that makes sense for our future”, said Chief Lester Anoquot of Saugeen First Nation.

Bruce County and the surrounding region is endowed with underground geologic formations capable of storing vast amounts of hydrogen.

This fact offers globally significant energy storage potential and scalability.

In fact, the integration of hydrogen storage in geologic formations is envisioned by the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) as a unique Canadian technological opportunity that could enable significant de-carbonization across multiple sectors not only in Canadian markets, but globally as well.

“Hydrogen has numerous game-changing power-to-fuel applications that, if embraced”, said Warden Mitch Twolan, “can lead the transition away from fossil fuels. This technology has the potential to provide solutions to use electrical energy from renewable sources like nuclear, to increase economic activity throughout Canada.” “Partnering with our First Nations neighbors to stimulate innovation and foster clean technology for the future is a great opportunity for us all”.