Charges laid against drivers on closed roads

On February 25 the OPP urged motorists to avoid all unnecessary travel due to the dangerous driving conditions as a result of high winds and blowing snow causing poor to zero visibility throughout the region.

The significant winter storm event resulted in the closure of several highways, county and township roads for public safety reasons. 

County and municipal snowplows ceased to operate during this time due to the dangerous driving conditions.

Police responded to several motor vehicle collisions and calls to assist motorists stranded on closed roads.

Police say closed road signs are not to be ignored.

Members of the West Region OPP Traffic Incident Management Enforcement assisted Grey County OPP and Wellington County OPP during the winter storm event. 

A total of 15 tickets were issued to motorists for driving on a closed road. 

The  fine for this offence is $110 and 3 demerit points.

"The OPP would like to remind motorists of the dangers they put themselves and their passengers in, as well as the dangers it puts first responders in if they get into difficulty after driving on a closed road. If you come across a road closed sign, please do not ignore it - the dangers to you may not be evident until it is too late". A/S/Sgt. Calum Rankin, West Regional OPP Traffic Incident Management Enforcement