Gammie acquitted on assault charges

A former South Bruce Peninsula councillor says he's not sure what his next move will be but he'd like a couple of his fellow councillors "to pay the consequences". 

Craig Gammie has been acquitted of assaulting Deputy Mayor Jay Kirkland at the municipal office in Wiarton last year after it was alleged he pushed Kirkland from behind into a door. 

The judge said there wasn't enough burden of proof that an assault had taken place. 

Mayor Janice Jackson was a witness to the incident and testified earlier this summer. 

Gammie lost his council seat because of the charge after being ordered to stay away from council meetings.   

Under provincial regulations, because he missed three months worth of meetings in a row, he was ousted from council.  

He tells the Sun Times he's not sure what his next move will be but he'll consult his legal team.