Military warning of booms over next two days

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), in cooperation with municipal, county and provincial emergency services, will conduct a training scenario as part of a joint Counter Explosive Threat (CET) exercise in the Municipality of Meaford on October 10 and 11. 

Residents may experience high noise levels, including loud blasts, for the duration of these activities between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. due to the use of energetic tools in the training area. Residents will see CAF personnel and vehicles employed in the community and may encounter soldiers from international militaries who have been invited to train with the CAF for this exercise.

This exercise is being conducted under all applicable Canadian Armed Forces Training regulations to protect the public, CAF members, and all other exercise participants. The CAF will also conduct this training in such a way as to minimize impact on the environment.

The purpose of this annual CET exercise is to hone the skills of Canadian and international Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Improvised Explosive Device Defeat (EOD/IEDD) operators and related support personnel. It also aims to strengthen interoperability with Allies and civilian law enforcement and security agency CET teams.