OPP remind motorists about 'closed roads' protocol

With the possibility of a new wintry weather system moving in to the region mid week, OPP are reminding us about winter driving protocols 


Grey County OPP urge motorists to be prepared and informed in the event of future winter storms.

During the last 48 hours, several roads were closed throughout the area due to high winds and blowing snow causing poor visibility. Officers from Grey County OPP and neighbouring detachments responded to several motor vehicle collisions and abandoned vehicle calls.  

Driving on a closed road is not only illegal; it's dangerous. Doing so not only puts you and your passengers at risk - it puts police and all Emergency Responders at risk who come to the aid of motorists having driven on a closed road.

Before heading out in severe weather conditions, ask yourself these questions: "Do I really need to go"? Is it safe for me to go"? Is it worth the risk to me and others"?  Any unnecessary travel should be avoided.

We can expect more severe weather conditions this winter so be prepared:

- ensure your vehicle is mechanically sound and running well

- ensure your fuel tank is always about ½ full

- ensure your vehicle is equipped with four winter tires

- ensure your windshield wipers are in good working order and you are using winter

  washer fluid in the reservoir

- ensure your vehicles defrost and interior heaters are working properly

- ensure all running lights are on so that you can see and be seen

- ensure you carry a "winter survival kit" in your vehicle

If the weather is uncertain, check the forecast before heading out and monitor the media outlets for any updates, including road closures.

To all members of the public who decided to stay off the roadways during the severe weather - thank you!