Brucelea Haven suspends admissions until compliance reached

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Brucelea Haven has suspended new admissions until the long term care home in Walkerton is in full compliance with provincial orders.  

They've had issues come to light since October of 2018 when the the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care published a public report of multiple non-compliance issues that included incidents of residents missing scheduled baths and being left alone for long periods.

In January, Bruce County announced that other staff would be trained to help PSW's. 

In March, Director of Care Lucy Elliott announced her resignation.

Two months later unionized staff turned down a contract offer which still passed because of a blended vote that included Gateway Haven employees. 

A protest and information picket followed as UNIFOR voiced their concerns about administration and lack of respect for the workers. 

Here is the release issued by Bruce County officials on Friday morning ~ 

The County of Bruce, as the operator of Brucelea Haven, takes our commitment to our residents, their families, and our staff very seriously.

Next week the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care will be releasing a report resulting from a 2019 inspection.

The report will include two Director Orders and a number of steps that must be taken to bring Brucelea Haven into full compliance.

The first Director’s orders will see the suspension of admissions to Brucelea Haven until such time as we are in full compliance with Ministry orders. Bruce County Council wrote to the Director of Long-Term Care in June to request the suspension of admissions as additional resources were deployed to address noncompliance issues.

The second part of the Order is that the home is to engage an external consultant who will develop recommendations about how the home can become fully compliant again.

Included in the mandate of the consultant are: ensuring that the staffing mix meets the residents’ assessed care and safety needs, providing recommendations on how to attract and retain PSWs and registered staff, making recommendations for improving the required programs and providing coaching and support to the administrator and directors of care.

The Ministry of Health report also acknowledges the challenges that Brucelea Haven has faced to deliver the expected standard of care to residents.

We have not reached the Ministry of Health standard nor our own, however we are continuing to work hard to implement the improvements that will help us reach this goal.

Among other things, steps taken to address these reports include:

• The recruitment of 2 Directors of Care – the DOC Clinical and the DOC Quality & Standards,

• An RFP for a workplace cultural review in both of the counties LTCHs has been completed and the findings are currently in review.

• Development of a new schedule for BLH to increase the consistent provision of baths to residents,

• Establishing a Clinical Care Coordinator and addition RN Support position

• Hiring 13 PSWs in the past 2 months, we are at the highest staffing levels in the home since summer 2014,

• Turnover rate in the nursing department in 2019 is under 4.6% compared to the provincial average in long-term care homes of 11%.

• Ratification of a new collective agreement with UNIFOR which will allow for several staffing options to increase staffing consistency,

• County council approved has approved the immediate recruitment of an administrative support person for the nursing department, and

• Sharing of resources between both of the counties LTCH to address these issues.

The County says they're committed to ensuring that all of our long-term care facilities are operated appropriately, safely and securely for our residents, families and staff.

We are confident that we will be in a position to be fully compliant in the coming year and are in the process of developing a detailed plan to address these issues, including hiring of additional care staff.

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