Grey Bruce Health Unit to merge with Huron and Perth

We're getting the details now on Doug Ford's vision for changes in public health.  

The Grey Bruce Health Unit has confirmed it will be merging with two others in Huron and Perth by April of 2020. 

 This merger will be one of only three stand-alone regional public health entities with a population of under a million.  

The new, larger entity will be governed by an autonomous board.

There's also news of a funding formula change.  

As a regional health entity with a population under a million, the cost-sharing arrangement with municipalities will shift  from a 75%/25% split with the province to 70 % provincial / 30 % county retroactive to April 1, 2019, and stay at that level.

Opportunities have been identified for one-time funding for this budget year to transition to the new funding formula.

This restructuring, along with other aspects of public health, are subject to legislative change and further consultation over the coming months.

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