Hanover woman loses her fries and lands in ditch

As the saying goes 'keep your eyes on your fries' but a Hanover woman has been charged for just that.  

Perth County OPP responded to a single vehicle crash north of Staffa, near Mitchell, on Perth Road 180 near Line 26.

Police say the driver and her passenger were talking and eating french fries when the driver lost control of her SUV and drove into the ditch. 

The two were taken to a local hospital as a precaution.

Police have charged an 18-year-old Hanover woman with careless driving. 

"Drivers need to be aware that the worst road distractions are spilled drinks or dropped food when a driver tries to clean up the mess," said Insp. Rob Scott, Perth County OPP detachment commander. "Treating your vehicle like a makeshift dining room is asking for more than a big mess. Eating while driving puts yourself and other motorists at a higher risk of a collision."

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