Owen Sound installs cigarette butt receptacles

cjos butts

The City of Owen Sound is trying to do its part to clean up the streets and water supply.  

They've installed ten cigarette butt receptacles in a pilot project in the downtown core.

The intention is to maintain and beautify our Downtown Core Area and to reduce the environmental impact associated with chemicals found in cigarettes. 

Acceptable material that can go in the receptacles include:

1.Extinguished cigarettes

2.Cigarette filters

3.Loose tobacco pouches

4.Outer plastic packaging

5.Inner foil packaging

6.Rolling papers


All acceptable materials collected in these receptacles will be recycled through Terracycle.

Terracycle sterilizes the waste, then shreds and separates it by material type.

Tobacco and paper are composted and filters are turned into plastic pellets.

These pellets are used in a variety of industrial applications, including the production of recycled plastic products.

The containers were in response to a local group called Owen Sound Waste Watchers  who've collected more than 65,000 butts across the city over the span of about a week.

They've been the ones lobbying city hall to install the receptacles.  

Its estimated that 65% of all cigarette butts end up on the ground as litter and are toxic to our water supply.  


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