Vandalism and support of Owen Sound's Muslim community makes national headlines

cjos mosque

Photo from Facebook page of Waleed Aslam Shaikh is with Suffia Laila Mirza.

About 70 people showed up to GUARD while we offered our evening prayers at the mosque today!! This is after two consecutive days of vandalism at our local mosque. 
As I’ve said time and again, We will not let the misguided actions of a few malign an entire community. 



Vandalism at an Owen Sound mosque and the resulting show of support from the community have made national headlines.  

Global News carried the story after about 70 people "stood guard" outside the Muslim community's mosque over the weekend while evening prayers went on inside.  

The building was vandalized twice in as many days.  

Police are continuing their investigation but as of yet, have no information on possible suspects.  

The Owen Sound Muslim Association says they're moved by the spontaneous show of support that took root on social media sparked by former Mayor Ruth Lovell Stanners who told the media she is sickened by the hatred they've seen against the local Muslim community.  

There has also been a spate of stickers and graffitti throughout the city over the past few weeks portraying symbols of white supremacy and hate speech.

While police are investigating the vandalism, officials aren't sure whether its connected to the uptick in hate symbols around town.  




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