• The Fastest Rollercoasters!

    Fast rollercoasters aren't for everybody or maybe you don't want to travel around to ride them. Well, the internet got you covered!
  • Dunkirk Vet Sees the Movie

    It's a pretty serious recommendation when a guy who was at Dunkirk says that a movie about Dunkirk brought back memories. Who went to see it?
  • In Sickness and in Health

    Watch this one and try not to keep your eyes dry. In sickness and health takes on a new meaning!
  • Puppy Food Overload

    This little cutie ate himself into a food coma right by his bowl. Who hasn't?
  • Sneaky Fiddy

    It feels like we don't hear about 50 Cent much anymore. But be careful! He might be RIGHT BEHIND YOU!
  • Unlucky tree

    Want to know why you shouldn't hide beneath a tree during a storm? You don't want to be next to this!
  • Ready for Ready Player One!

    Here's the trailer for the newest Steven Spielberg movie, Ready Player One. Even if you haven't read the book, this looks pretty cool!
  • The Room, the movie about the movie

    The Room is often called the worst movie ever. So now there's a movie about a bad movie. Movie inception!
  • Getting cut off by a plane

    Is there a part in the code of the road on what to do when a plane lands on the highway? Maybe in the back pages... Language warning, by the way.
  • Desserts from across the Pond

    Southern culture has its fair share of delicious desserts but what does it look like to an outsider? Well, let's ask the Irish!