• Doggy TV

    Ever wondered why your dog likes watching TV? Well, the internet's got you covered! Wonder what their favorite show is...
  • Hotel of Thrones

    Here's an hotel that's taking advantage of that Game of Thrones hype. Winter isn't coming, it's already there!
  • Childhood Imagination

    Forgot what the world looked like as a child? Maybe this video'll dig up some old memories...
  • Flying by car

    We endure a lot of... let's call them "annoyances" when we fly. Imagine if we had to deal with them when travelling by car...
  • A Scary Incident at the Game

    On Saturday, the Bruins-Canadiens game was the scene of a pretty scary incident. Philip Danault takes a slapshot to the head... Hope he's okay!
  • Missile False Alarm

    On Saturday, people in Hawaii got a message alerting them that a ballistic missile was headed their way. We're not sure what happened but you know, maybe going to Twitter shouldn't be your first reaction...
  • Maximum Energy Efficiency Mode Activated

    At first, you'd think this dog tripped and can't get up but quickly, you'll notice he seems to be doing it on purpose. Just sliding on down!
  • Frozen Pond Struggles

    This video feels like a metaphor for something... Not sure what... One step forward, one slow slide back!
  • Man Uses Tank to Beat Closing Time

    Ever been in such a hurry to beat closing time that you stole an armoured vehicle to make it? This Russian man did just that!
  • James Franco Addresses the Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Him

    In the wake of #TimesUp, James Franco has been called out by some women. Hear what he has to say about the allegations against him.