An Emotional Farewell Concert to Chester Bennington

Linkin Park and a number of music friends held an emotional farewell – tribute concert to Chester Bennington at the Hollywood Bowl on Friday night. The three hour show featured Blink 182 (we were scheduled to open Linkin Park’s upcoming tour) and members of System of a Down, Korn, No Doubt.

Johnathan Davis of Korn took to the mic to sing “One Step Closer”, M.Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold did "Burn It Down" & "Faint", Derek Whibley of Sum 41 sang "The Catalyst" & Blink’s Mark Hoppus sang “What I’ve Done”. The were video testimonials from Metallica, Paul McCartney & Jared Leto that accompanied plenty of backstage footage of Bennington. You can watch the entire event in the video at the bottoom of the page.  

One of the emotional high points had to be the performance of "Numb", with a spotlight shining on microphone stand draped in a garland of flowers  with no one singing – but the audience who sang along in full voice. This stuff will choke you up!

And here is the entire show: