Billy Joel at Dodger Stadium invites Axl Rose onstage to sing Highway To Hell

Somebody STOP Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Sting or any of those guys from singing AC/DC songs. You're not allowed.

Stick to singing "Piano Man" please.

Axl. STOP IT. Please stick to Guns N' Roses and write some new songs.

Speaking of AC/DC, former lead singer, Brian Johnson had to leave the band because his doctor warned that if he continued that he'd probably suffer complete hearing loss. In the months since, Johnson has been working with technicians on a hearing aid that would allow him to sing live in an amplified environment. Here he is with Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) & Paul Rodgers (Bad Company) singing live. Not sure if he's singing with the new gear, but looking at the pack on his his hip, it looks like he's testing something out.