Corey Taylor: Jekyll & Hyde

Dr. Jekyll vs Mr. Hyde

Stone Sour vs Slipknot

Corey Taylor vs.#8


Maybe it’s the mask or maybe it’s because Stone Sour’s music is less-insane to Slipknot’s but one can’t help to see that lead Corey Taylor’s contrasting, Jekyll & Hyde- like personalities and styles are different than any other singer who sings in two bands or with solo projects.

Chester Bennington, for a short while, sang for both Stone Temple Pilots AND Linkin Park, but Chester’s approach sounded much the same with both. Dave Grohl has been guest singer on a dozen outside projects but he’ll always sounds like DAVE.

Corey Taylor is an entirely different matter. I continue to be amazed with his versatility. In Stone Sour he can sound sentimental with a quiet voice that borders on crooning; in Slipknot, he puts on the mask and Corey becomes #8 and “the beast” comes to life with a demented voice filled with anger, rage and paranoia. I like it both ways

For Slipknot fans, just-out is a new 360 video from Knotfest. Hit play and point the stage cameras in any direction by click and hold and moving the pointer up/down/ side-to-side on your computer.  There are lots of variations here.



While Slipknot take a break and begin to think about their next project, Corey’s other band Stone Sour ais out with two new songs. The radio single is “Song #3” but I like the more inspired “Fabulous” track instead. You’ll have to wait til June 30th for the new album Hydrograd to go onsale.



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