Is Ozzy Osbourne's Crazy Train Coming To The End Of The Line?

I interviewed Ozzy Osbourne  years ago when he was out promoting his then-new album Scream and his recently published autobiography I Am Ozzy. Amongst the stories of rock n roll decadence is his tumultuous marriage with his wife, Sharon. It’s an interesting relationship: his wife is also his manager. He is a rock legend - the “prince of darkness”.

With that dynamic in mind, I asked him, “Who wears the pants in your house”?

He paused, pondering the question for a few moments and then leaned in towards me and said, “ARE YOU MARRIED"?!


Sharon has said that she doesn’t want Ozzy to be singing “Crazy Train” when he’s 75. I trust she wants Ozzy to go out on top before he crosses that line where he sounds foolish. For some, he crossed that line long ago. For Ozzy, there is no line. He’s crossed over so many lines (and snorted more than a few up his nose) that  he should be dead.


But, it’s time.


A new album and farewell world tour that will extend well into 2020 is in the works. Ozzy doesn’t rule out future performances (think Ozzfest) but its said that his globetrotting days are coming to end.