Jock Jam Weekend & The Most Enduring Sports Song Ever

This weekend marks the end of the regular season in Major League Baseball & the NHL regular season kicks into gear on Wednesday. This weekend were celebrating by playing our favourite JOCK JAMS. These these songs that get pumped out into arenas, stadiums and ballparks.

The most famous and enduring Jock Jam is "Take To Me Out To the Ballgame" - a song written back in 1908; the lyrics by a couple who had NEVER been to a baseball game - that came 20 years later! The song, traditionally sung after the top of the 7th inning is believed to be sung for the first time at a high school baseball game in L.A. in 1934. Later that year it was played during game 4 of the World Series. It has since been a time honoured tradition. It has been celebrated and butchered for decades. From the ridiculous to the sublime, here are my favourites

The Commander in Chief

The Prince of Darkness


Bill Murray as Daffy Duck


Harry Caray - The veteran broadcaster who set the standard.

Eddie Vedder - The Pearl Jam lead singer sings one for his boyhood heroes


Buck O'Neil - Legendary Kansas City Monarch player & the first black coach in the Major Leagues sings from the heart.

The Original