Lemmy of Motorhead would be disgusted

Lemmy must be rolling over in his grave.


They’re using “Ace Of Spades” in KIA commercial that's currently inundating my television these days. It features "Turbo Hamster” and if Lemmy was still around, I’m sure he would be disgusted. This is a misappropriation! The Ace of Spaces has nothing to do with South Korean cars or hamsters. Who’s selling Lemmy out?!



It’s kinda sad. Its not like Lemmy was against the idea of using the song in a TV spot – look at the beer commercial below. At least it includes Lemmy performing a rad acoustic blues version of Ace of Spades IN the commercial.



For levity, my fave Lemmy cameo: limo driver in this crazy Foo Fighters video.



Weeks before he passed away, Lemmy filmed this Finnish milk commercial. The last word is priceless.