Metallica Bassist's 12 Year Old Son Subs For Korn

I wanted to hate this.

Robert Trujillo is Metallica's bassist and his son just earned a temp gig for Korn. Their bassist, Fieldy, has left the band temporarily for undisclosed reasons. Left with a half dozen or shows or more shows to fullfill in South America, Trujillo's 12 year old kid, Tye, has won the gig. Dad says his kid has great chops, is great writer and is a big jazz & funk fan. So, I'll take his word, especially from a seasoned pro like Robert, that the kid is good.

But the idea of a 12 year old playing live with heavy,loud and veteran band like Korn is like sending a boy in to do a man's work. Too much could go wrong. Cynically, the optics don't look good either.

I don't hate this.

We're not sure how the first gig went, there are no reports (that's a good sign) but there is plenty of footage. Judge for yourself.