ROGER WATERS of PINK FLOYD Has a New Solo Album Coming

The man who, at one time, trapped behind a wall, asked the question "is there anybody out there". His upcoming solo album asks a bigger question: "Is this the life we really want?"

Roger Waters, the genius behind Pink Floyd’s lyrics, is (finally) releasing a solo album, his first in 22 years.  His past solo never could match the grandeur of his work with Pink Floyd but they were always with purpose. He announced this week the new album’s title: Is This The Life We Really Want? and describes it as “part magic carpet ride, part political rant, part anguish. Most of all … (it) is about love.” Waters explained. “It’s pondering … the question of how do we take these moments of love – if we are granted any in our lives – and allow that love to shine on the rest of existence, on others.” Given the incredible social and political upheaval in the past decade, it seems  impossible for Waters not to offer  a narrative of the unrest and, perhaps, what might save us. Here’s a sample:


Good news, Waters has chosen Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich. His work on Radiohead’s OK Computer and Kid A seemed inspired by Pink Floyd’s classic albums so this might make for a familiar sounding recording if Waters chooses to do so. ITTLWRW “is coming soon” – very soon if Waters’ hopes to complete it before his North American tour starts in May. Roger Waters brings his show to Toronto on October 2nd & 3rd.

There have obvious comparisons made between Pink Floyd’s Wall and all of the walls – real and metaphorical, that Trump plans to build. More disturbing is Trump’s autocratic rule in the White House This scene, obviously inspired by Nazi Germany of the 30’s, looks like a Trump rally.