The Grammys Embarrass METALLICA

Don't fault Metallica for the fiasco around their performance of "Moth Into Flame" at last  night's Grammys. Some things were out of the control - beginning first with a flanks of faux-moshers in front of the stage, faux-moshers ON-stage, alongside the band as the throttled into their performance. Those definitely weren't fanclub winners but hired professionals. It reminds of all the old tv variety shows my parents  used to watch. They had everything from comedians, to jugglers, to opera singers. When a rock band would come out on the show they would surround them with "go-go dancers" that had nothing to do with band or its culture. The Grammys tried to dress-up Metallica last night and they shouldn't have. B.S. Metallica doesn't need any help.

Metallica at the Grammys last night reminds me of those old tv variety shows. The DON'T need Lady Gaga to help them win anybody over but this being an awards show that likes to mashup  unlikely pairings, put a pop diva (with respectable rock chops) with hard rock's most popular band. Say what you will about Gaga, she wasn't a problem. Seen in the last couple of years at the Grammy's crooning with Tony Bennett, she more than held her own against Metallica's chuggin'. 

The biggest problem was James Hetfield's microphone not working for the first minute. After they figured it out, Hetfield shared Gaga's mic making for an interesting photo opp. Things worked out fine but the tech glitches spoiled a good moment. Hetfield displayed his frustration at the end and took it out on the mic stand.