The White Stripes on WHITE Cassettes

When you own your own record company you can do all kinds of crazy reissue your first three albums on cassette.... not your standard "black" cassette but a WHITE cassette!! I think they could have done it better - with side 1 in white and side 2 in red to match their two-toned colour code.

The White Stripes, De Stijl and White Blood Cells are all worth having - but do you have a cassette player or Walkman around to play them back.?! Or do you still have a car with a cassette player in the dash....and do you trust it not to mangle your new purchase! Maybe hust having the cassettes as.... artifacts is enough. The ONLY thing I miss about cassettes is making homemade mix tapes. Sigh. Its a long lost art. Spotify playlists don't have any of the mystery of a mix tape that reveals itself one song at a time.



Saturday October 14 is Cassette Store Day 2017 and the Stripes white cassette reissues will be available at 3 Ontario stores.

CLICK HERE and scroll down to find the one closest to you