Who Is The New Lead Singer of the Stone Temple Pilots?

This week I got a tip that a new Stone Temple Pilots single may be coming soon.

The unanswered question is WHO is the new lead singer. Can they find a guy who can replace Scott Weiland & Chester Bennington? Fat chance. Legendary talent like that just isn’t hanging around.

That seems to be the case as a couple of names have popped up, some of which you see below, who aren’t exactly household names, unless you watched the X-Factor

On the surface, these guys remind me of Adam Lambert who fronts Queen and Arnel Pineda who fronts Journey. With their best years behind them, Queen & Journey probably weren’t looking for somebody to write their next big hit single but somebody who can sound good enough to sell concert tickets & merch and extend the life of the band. A guy’s got to make a living after all.

Reports have suggested that’s it down to John Borja & Jeff Gutt.

May the best karaoke singer win.

(FYI: Jeff Gutt sings "Creep" by Radiohead, not STP)


Impossible to top this: