Ascot Royals

BAND MEMBERS: Jimmy Chauveau - Vocals, Ben Chauveau - Keys, Scott Page - Bass. Sam Stark - Drums, Tal Vaisman - Guitars

HOMETOWN: Brantford

The Ascot Royals are no strangers to the White House of Rock and are back in 2017 with a new Ep, New Skin. The boys JUST wrapped up a big tour with Big Wreck and have touring plans in the works for the rest of the year. You can catch The Ascot Royals next as part of the lineup for the Tonight 4 Tyson – Autism awareness concert on April 1 at The Forty Publichouse in Grimsby, where they will share the stage The Sheepdogs & The Silence Factory, our 2016 Rocksearch Champs.

In the interview we catch up with the band and what’s gone down in the last year and half, the songs on the new EP, what the band may have gleaned from touring with Big Wreck and “The Dicker” – the song that got away.

Check out the acoustic jams recorded here in the cellar of the radio,  including a cover of BTO’s classic, “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”. In celebration of Canada’s 150 anniversary, we’re asking all the bands to cover a classic Canadian rock song. This is fantastic!