The Biggs & Barr Barians Hockey Club


Friday, October 21st        
8:00PM  vs.  Tartsmanian Devils
SCORE: 6-11

Saturday, October 29th    
8:00PM  vs. The Lost Profits
SCORE: 9-11

Saturday, November 5th    
8:00PM  vs. Niagara Health System
SCORE: 10-7

Thursday, November 24th
8:00PM  vs.  THK Automotive

Thursday, December 1st  
9:30PM  vs.  Kully's

Thursday December 15th  
9:30PM  vs. Jordan Canucks

Friday December 23rd    
8:00PM  vs. Beer Buds

Thursday, December 29th  
8:00PM  vs. Golden Goose Moonshiners