Handmaids Local 905 numbers grow after protest in Grimsby

We haven't heard the last of "Handmaid's Local 905".

That's the group that protested at a community coffee event hosted by MPP Sam Oosterhoff in Grimsby over the weekend.

Many of the protestors were dressed in red cloaks - similar to the characters in the TV adaptation of 'The Handmaid`s Tale.'

They were protesting the MPP`s comments at an anti-abortion rally at Queen`s Park earlier this month where he vowed to “make abortion unthinkable in our lifetime.”

The group went from three to three-thousand members in just three days when hearing about the planned protest

Creator Jennifer Botari told CKTB there are now at least 12 Local chapters across the country. 

She said that Oosterhoff wouldn't speak with any of the protesters on Saturday and later released a statement saying his event had been hijacked. 

To listen to Botari's full interview on CKTB, click here.


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