The Biggs and Barr Show

This is Radio's Last Honest Morning Show.  If you like having a good time, not taking yourself too seriously, and are able to handle life's truths with a good honest perpective, then this show is for you!  Also, they are, from time to time...hilarious.

  • The Biggs & Barr Show June-22-2017

    Double Standards Against Men | Taser Toot | Half Assed News | Dan Duh | Whatchutalkinbout | Austin Matthews Is A Winner | Missed Connections | A New Game: Double Wrong? Dubbel Zaut | Instant Answer Question Time
  • The Biggs & Barr Show June-21-2017

    New Ken Dolls | Moose Soup? | New NHL Jerseys | Half Assed News | Impresh Us | Front Lawn Friday Revealed | We Get A Hold Of Moose Soup Lady | Wivia Wuestion Wednesday | Instant Answer Question Time
  • The Biggs & Barr Show June-20-2017

    91 Yr Old Gymnast Lady | Costa Ricos President Is Savage (like in a goodish kinda way) | Summer Costs To Entertain Kids | Half Assed News | What Is Jason Barr Thinking | Whatchutalkinbout | A Man Fought His Pig, Ended Poorly | Racist Lady @ Doctors Office
  • The Biggs & Barr Show June-19-2017

    How Much Are Your Balls Worth? | Michael Phelps Racing A Shark | Snortable Chocolate | Half Assed News | I'm Not Ashamed | Whatchutalkinbout | Brazilian Butt Lifts | A Guy Set His Undies On Fire | Make Noise Win Prize | Instant Answer Question Time
  • The Biggs & Barr Show June-16-2017

    We Love Pictures | Housecats Are Jerks & Tim Tuffys | Half Assed News | Cock Fight | Whatchutalkinbout | Lady Could Be Overreacting | Where Does Chocolate Milk Come From, Really? | Group Dan Duh | Instant Answer Question Time | Our Friend John From Nickel
  • The Biggs & Barr Show June-15-2017

    More Wallenda Nonsense | Gene Simmons Is A Loser | Half Assed News | What's Jason Barr Thinking | Terrible Shooting | Joey Bricks Gives Us Some Live Wallenda Updates | What's Chris Biggs Yelling? | Instant Answer Question Time
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