And finally two more days after that funeral-esque show my music week was ramped up again, but into the death metal territory because on Wednesday March 3rd at The Opera House in Toronto I saw two heavy hitters I have been waiting a long time in my lifetime to see live. The first band was the Italian demolition crew, Fleshgod Apocalypse who plays blistering fast technical death metal with mix of symphonic, operatic and classical music styles to make you feel like you’re living in the Italian Renaissance. I was very impressed at their musicianship and how precise and clear they sounded for being such a very dense band.

The band to close the show that night was a death metal band fans having been waiting over twelve years to see come back to Canada....the legendary Hypocrisy. They are one of the pioneers of extreme music and have carved a big name for themselves coming out of Sweden and influencing countless death metal bands around the world to come after them. They aren’t afraid to cross new boundaries for metal by adding symphonic elements, alien lyrical themes and haunting clean vocals to the already harsh vocals splattered over every record they have released since 1991.
Everything I saw and heard from Hypocrisy that night was flawless, punishing and beautiful.  Peter Tagtgren’s vocals were the highlight for me because I love the many pitches his voice can reach and because of that he has influenced me a lot for my style of metal vocals and to see what he does best on stage was very inspiring.
Check out the videos of these two death metals monsters!