• Commuter Challenge Day #2 - Tandem Bike Ride

    REID and Ben: Our #CommuterChallenge continued with another listener suggestion -- a tandem bike! The hitch? Ben's only successfully ridden a bicycle ONCE in his life....and it was last summer. Would he remember how and get us home?!

  • Commuter Challenge Day #3: Roller Skating

    REID and Ben: Thanks to Aaron Johnson for #CommuterChallenge Day 3 suggestion of old-school roller skates! Turns out it's another mode of transportation that Ben is completely unfamiliar with.

  • Commuter Challenge Day #1 - Listener Drive Home

    REID and Ben: It's the #CommuterChallenge this week and each day we're taking one of your suggestions and using it to get home. Check out "Catch A Ride With A Listener Day"!

  • Commuter Challenge Day #4: Kingston Trolley

    REID and Ben: #CommuterChallenge Day #4 suggestion came from Erin on Twitter, who challenged us to get a ride home from Kingston Trolley Tours. Would we be able to convince an actual trolley to swing by and pick us up at the FLY FM studio, Uber-style?!

  • The Beyonce GPS System

    REID and Ben: Introducing the Beyonce GPS System, which we're pretty sure doesn't actually exist and....maybe that's for the best. (Please note: No Brock Streets were harmed in the making of this video).

  • Mother's Day Questions for Kids

    REID and Ben: With Mother's Day approaching, we visited St Martha's Catholic School in the Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board to ask some kindergartners and 1st-graders about THEIR Moms. Check out what they love about Mom (and what bugs them, too)!