The FLY Fund

98.3 FLY FM is giving back to the community! 

Each month, FLY FM will donate up to $1000 to a registered charity or Non-Profit organization.
To enter, fill out and submit the online form at Then listen at the end of each month when 98.3 FLY FM will select one charity or non-profit group to win the donation.

Please tell us about your registered Charity/Non-Profit, and who you are. The FLY Fund will convene once a month as per the Rules and regulations, and one registered Charity/Non-Profit will be awarded up to $1000! And make sure you listen in the last day of the month for the FLY Fund winner!

Congratulations to Focus Forward for Indigenous Youth!

This group provides Indigenous students with the opportunity to develop hands on skills by working on community projects from start to finish. Project specifics are strategically selected by the community, ensuring the community can find their own unique solution. As a non-for-profit organization, we help communities find their solution and deliver the required resources.

Focus Forward will source teachers, contractors, and resources bringing everyone together to build the shared project for the local community. In building the project, students will gain hands-on work experience, obtain high school credits, earn apprenticeship hours, and even receive a compensation package for their work. Throughout the process, students will cultivate leadership skills, work ethic, and a sense of confidence that will help them focus forward on a positive and engaged future. These programs will require collaboration of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, tradespeople, developing youth, generous sponsors and partners within the community that are involved in the process. Throughout the process, Focus Forward aims to foster an appreciation for other people’s perspectives and culture to create empathy from everyone.