Council Approves Retail Cannabis Stores

Retail Cannabis stores will be welcome in Kingston.

Kingston city council voted early Wednesday morning to allow retail cannabis stores in The Limestone City. The staff report that recommended allowing pot shops in Kingston was unanimously approved, despite some concerns by councillors, including location, impaired driving, and how exactly to spend funds allocated to the city through the Ontario Cannabis Legalization Implementation Fund. The report recommended that the approximately $300,000 be shared with Kingston Police, and KFLA Public Health.

On Friday, the province will hold a lottery to determine which companies will be awarded one of the first of twenty five store licenses that will be granted in this initial round. Five of those licenses will be awarded in Eastern Ontario.

The vote came near the end of a marathon council session that stretched past midnight. Councillors spent the bulk of the meeting debating a motion regarding upcoming strategic planning and priority setting sessions. Click here to read that report.