Fourth and Final Fraser Street Shooting Suspect Arrested

Kingston Police have arrested a Brockville man, 38, the fourth and final suspect wanted in connection with last week's Fraser Street apartment shooting.

Investigators say on Tuesday, January 29, three men pounded on a Fraser St. apartment door around 3:00 am demanding money. Before they drove off without any cash, shots were fired from outside the building towards an apartment window where a child was inside. Fortunately, no one was hurt during the incident.

Three men have been arrested and charged with attempted murder, Everett Timothy Telgen, 53, from Brockville, as well as Jeffrey Burtch, 31, of Perth. The men were taken into custody in an apartment in Brockville on Friday, February 1.

On Monday, police arrested Joseph Ferguson, 30, from Brockville. He is facing several charges including two counts of attempted murder, along with attempt robbery, and attempt break and enter.

Local officers, with assistance from Brockville Police, performed a raid on a Perth St. home in Brockville around 11:00 am Thursday. Kingston Police Detective Sergeant Jay Finn confirmed they were looking for a fourth suspect in the building on Perth St., near Abbott. Finn said the suspect wasn't found inside during the raid. "We can't provide this individuals name because we haven't issued an arrest warrant we just executed a warrant at this apartment at this time."

"Through our investigation we determined he lived at this address," said Finn. "We didn't locate him there."

Police have confirmed that they located the man in his vehicle around 3:00 pm Thursday, and placed him under arrest. He is facing several charges, including two counts of attempted murder and various weapons offences.