Group Calls For Safety Measures at Busy Intersection

A group of citizens is calling on City Council to take action to address what they call on-going, serious traffic safety issues on Sir John A MacDonald Boulevard at Norman Rogers Drive.

Their latest plea for action comes after a woman, 31, was struck by a vehicle and suffered serious, but non life-threatening injuries, while attempting to cross Sir John A at Norman Rogers just before 9:00 am Monday.

Kingston Police say the driver of a motor vehicle traveling south on Sir John A MacDonald stopped traffic in the curb lane and waved the pedestrian to cross. Another vehicle traveling south in the centre lane with right-of-way struck the pedestrian as she walked past the stopped lane of traffic and into the live lane of traffic. It's not clear whether any charges will be laid in the case.

Though the speed limit was recently lowered in the area, the group is urging the city to install pedestrian crossing lights, similar to those nearby on King Street, in the high traffic area.