Napanee OPP Busy With Distracted Drivers Over the March Break

It appears dozens of drivers in our region still aren't getting the message about the dangers of distracted driving.

Napanee OPP laid 47 distracted driving charges during their March Break campaign targeting those texting, or playing on their phones while behind the wheel.

Those charged each received a $615.00 fine, and upon conviction, will be hit with a three day driver's licence suspension.

In addition to those charges, two other drivers were charged for "Careless Operation" of a motor vehicle. One driver was charged while writing on a notepad while driving, a second driver was charged for filling out a cheque on the steering wheel while driving. Fines for Careless Operation total $490.00.
"The campaign may be over, but Napanee OPP officers are always watching for distracted drivers,'" said Inspector Scott Semple, Commander of the Napanee Detachment. "Driving is a huge responsibility and needs your undivided attention."