Parking Prices Going Up in Downtown Kingston, Williamsville

It will soon cost you more to pay for parking in Downtown Kingston and the Williamsville area.

The cost of parking is going up by $2 an hour in high-demand, on-street zones and $1.50 an hour in surface lots and lower demand on-street zones.

The increase goes into effect on Monday. "We continue to implement the rate changes identified in the 2016 Parking Rate Review. The public parking system is required to be self-sustaining and this increase helps ensure that," says Marissa Mascaro, manager, parking services.  Parking rates in the Queen's University and Kingston General Hospital area are not going up this time, as they already went up in 2017.

The city adds that work to update the 100+ Pay & Display machines and 400+ single-space meters in these areas will begin on Jan. 14 and take about two weeks to complete, depending on the weather.