Police, City Officials Plea for Safe St. Patrick's Day

Kingston Police are hoping for a safe, and uneventful St. Patrick's Day.

The force is encouraging those celebrating to stay off the streets, avoid overconsumption, and never drink and drive.

The City echoed the comments from the local force, reminding those celebrating that Bylaw enforcement officers will be out over the weekend to ticket garbage, property standards and noise infractions. "Have a good time, act responsibly, be smart and stay safe. You don't want to wind up injured or in court. Don't break glass on the streets, play amplified music at an unreasonable volume or get in the way of emergency vehicles. Leave if things get out of hand or call police if rowdy guests won't leave," says Lacricia Turner, manager, licensing and enforcement.

The Nuisance Party Bylaw and University District Safety Initiative will be in effect city-wide, which means that any bylaw enforcement ticket could result in a court summons. Enforced by Kingston Police, the bylaw can apply to any person who creates, causes, hosts, sponsors, conducts, continues, or attends a nuisance party. Nuisance Party Bylaw offenders who are issued a Part I Summons will need to appear before a Justice of the Peace in Kingston. Click here for more information.