Pothole Repairs Underway

We've got another three weeks of winter left, but the city is already hard at work fixing potholes.

The city stresses the patches being done now are just a temporary fix, with more effective repairs planned for late spring when asphalt plants open up.

"Commuters are advised to slow down as we continue to patch the roads," says Bill Linnen, director of public works. "We've had an early start to pothole season because of the constantly changing temperatures that creates the freeze/thaw cycle."

Radically fluctuating temperatures have made this pothole season a particularly bad one, as when temperatures rise, water from thawed snow seeps into small cracks on roads and then expands when it freezes again causing cracks to grow.

You can report a pothole by calling the city's Customer Service Centre at 613-546-0000. Click here to report one online.