SIU Charges Kingston Police Officer

Ontario's Special Investigations Unit has laid five charges against a Kingston Police Constable in connection with an alleged incident back in September.

The SIU says a man, 39, suffered serious injuries after he collided with a Kingston Police cruiser on his bicycle in the early morning hours of September 19.

The man was eventually charged with impaired driving and resisting arrest. Police suggest that, earlier in the morning, he was driving a vehicle that struck a light post at Concession and Leroy Grant Drive, causing extensive damage to the car. The vehicle was eventually found in the area of Sir John A MacDonald Blvd and Johnson Street, where one of the wheels had fallen off. Witnesses told police the man abandoned the vehicle, and took off on a bicycle that he pulled from the trunk.

Constable Daniel Attwood, who was driving the cruiser, is charged with dangerous driving and criminal negligence causing bodily harm, assault with a weapon, attempting to obstruct justice, and breach of trust. The charges have not been proven in court.

The SIU investigates all instances of police-involved death, serious injury, or sexual assault claims in the province.