Utilities Kingston Replacing Water Meters

You might be getting a visit from Utilities Kingston technicians in the next few weeks.

They will be replacing end-of-life water meters at homes in the city, with affected customers notified via a pamphlet in the mail.

The utility is aiming to replace 1,400 meters this calendar year.

Their certified technicians will always be in uniform and carry photo identification. Most of the meter replacements will take place on an appointment basis, and will be located throughout the east, west and central areas of the city.

Customers are asked to watch their physical mailbox for an envelope (enclosed with a letter and coloured pamphlet) from Utilities Kingston. When you receive the pamphlet, it means that meter installers are in the area and you have two weeks to schedule an installation appointment with Utilities Kingston. The communication will include details on how to book and prepare for the appointment.