Bad Driving While Eating Pizza Ends in Arrest

Kingston Police say a snack behind the wheel has led to drug charges against two men.
A patrol officer pulled over a vehicle on Saturday evening after noticing it traveling slowly, hugging the curb and swerving erratically.
The officer prepared to conduct a sobriety check but discovered the driver was eating pizza.
Investigators say officers searched the vehicle after allegedly seeing open alcohol, and found two bags containing crystal methamphetamine.
A Belleville man, 40,  and a Picton man, 32, were charged with possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking.

The driver was found to have an additional small quantity of suspected crystal methamphetamine in his possession while the passenger was found to be concealing a knife.

The driver was also charged with breach of recognizance, while his passenger was additionally charged with carrying a concealed weapon.