Candidates Urged to Endorse Proposal to Produce More Apprentices

Candidates in the provincial election are being urged to support measures to produce more apprentices at post-secondary institutions.

Right now, there's no clear entry route into apprenticeship programs.

Students have to find a willing employer, and many people don't have the connections or the resources to make that happen.

"One of the biggest roadblocks for many students is there is no easy way to enroll in apprenticeship training," says Glenn Vollebregt, President and CEO, St. Lawrence College.

"Our proposal to boost apprenticeship enrollment will be key to Ontario's efforts to close the widening skills gap."

Vollebregt wants the process for applying to be an apprentice to be as easy as applying to college and university.

"Colleges can ensure Ontario produces a stronger apprenticeship system. We urge our local candidates to endorse this proposal to help more students get the professional and technical expertise that leads to rewarding careers."

Expanding the college application service to include apprentices would allow students to submit applications before they have secured a willing employer.