City Councillor Wants to Mark Canada's Sesquicentennial with Oak Trees

Williamsville District councillor, Jim Neill wants the city to look into buying some Vimy Oak Trees and planting them throughout the city to mark Canada’s sesquicentennial and the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge.

Neill will put forward a motion at Tuesday's City Council meeting, asking staff to look into the logistics of buying around 100 trees at $125 dollars each from the Vimy Oaks Legacy not for profit agency.

He wants them to be planted around the city at commemorative sites, including; City Park, Victoria Park, RMC, Queen’s University, CFB Kingston, and local branches of the Royal Canadian Legion.

Neill says the project would help contribute towards the city's tree planting goal.

Neill's motion will ask staff to report back with estimated cost and timelines for the project, with a start date loosely set for sometime this fall.