City to Inspect Safety of Soccer Goals

The City has committed to inspecting the safety of all soccer nets, following the tragic death of Garrett Mills, 15.

The teen from Napanee was killed instantly when an unanchored soccer goalpost tipped over and struck him in the head.

Kingston's permanent soccer goals on natural turf fields are secured to the ground while the ones on artificial turf fields are either anchored or chained to prevent tipping, and are visually inspected at least once a week.

"The safety of everyone using our sports fields is of utmost importance. We know residents have a heightened awareness of this issue and we, too, wish to focus on the goals and check that they are secure," says Jim Keech, CEO and president of Utilities Kingston and commissioner of public works.

Garret's father has made it his mission to educate other parents and is asking people to wrap a checkered strip of duct tape around the left post of soccer nets of their fields to help raise awareness.